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Visibility of your components under repair for total control of the process.

More visibility, less losses

Did you know that your mine site can lose up to 1MM dollars annually for component repair?

What is Sherpath?

It is a cloud platform that streamlines communication and gives visibility to the process between a mining company and its suppliers.

Repair requests management

Mining companies can generate service requests with repair or maintenance requirements and choose among categorized providers who send their quotes.

Work orders management

It allows monitoring the work being carried out in workshops, providing real-time information about the tasks, supplies, spare parts, and quality control activities of the repair. Everything that just was indicated provides information, graphic and documentary evidence of the process.

Asset traceability

Sherpath allows a real-time and historical visibility of the component (traceability), determines locations, shows what tasks are being carried out on the component in the workshop and generates process notifications and historical information that can later be analyzed.

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