What is Sherpath?


It is a cloud platform that streamlines communication and gives visibility to the process between a mining company and its suppliers, obtaining real-time traceability of the components under repair.


Plan, manage and monitor

There is the possibility of qualifying suppliers, filtering them by specialty, requesting and quoting a service. You can know the progress of your work order at any time and on any device.


Increase efficiency

Prevents the loss of components, reduces communication times, costs, and ensures the productive continuity of the mine site.


Improves decision making

Perform predictive maintenance to avoid damage from untimely repairs, get a life history of your components so you know when to invest in a new one.

We solve your problems of:

Low visibility of service status

There are multiple communication channels, which does not allow the information to be visible to everyone, lost or left in an email, generating delays and uncertainty.

Difficulty planning maintenance

Not having an accurate history of component repair, preventive maintenance is difficult to ensure operational continuity.

Loss of components

In the absence of tracking where the repair components are, very high costs are generated by replacing lost components or not replacing them in time.

How does it work?

Repair requests management

Mining companies can generate service requests with repair or maintenance requirements and choose among categorized providers who send their quotes.

Work orders management

It allows monitoring the work being carried out in workshops, providing real-time information about the tasks, supplies, spare parts, and quality control activities of the repair. Everything that just was indicated provides information, graphic and documentary evidence of the process.

Asset traceability

Sherpath allows a real-time and historical visibility of the component (traceability), determines locations, shows what tasks are being carried out on the component in the workshop and generates process notifications and historical information that can later be analyzed.

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