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Where can I access Sherpath from?

From any device with an Internet connection, be it a computer or a mobile device, so you can see the location and progress of your components under repair in real time.

Since when can I start using the platform?

Once you register, we will contact you to send you all the information and in 7 days you should be operating.

Can I integrate Sherpath with other software?

Yes, for Sherpath we are building several integration APIs for various systems, including SAP (with which we are currently a partner), component location systems within the mine site, GPS location systems for transportation, CMMS asset management systems that can use clients and suppliers, and even electronic invoicing systems for shipping guides. We are a broker for traceability and visibility of repairable services.

Is my information safe on Sherpath?

The security of your information is much greater now, it is no longer relegated to a physical space in your company and instead is protected and hosted on Microsoft Azure servers, used by large companies throughout the world. The information is visible only to the users that you authorize.

What does it mean that Sherpath is a cloud platform?

It means that our platform has universal access from any device with internet, anywhere and anytime, without the need of any installation, IT infrastructure such as servers and their maintenance. We manage updates and data storage, so scalability is just a click away and the ability to run the servers in the cloud is extremely powerful and fast, giving a lot of capacity for tasks related to data analytics and future use of technologies that are part of the digital transformation.

I am a component supplier / repairer. Can I enroll?

Of course! Enroll TODAY and be part of our digital solution. Here.

Is Sherpath used to manage both internal and external suppliers?

Everything is considered. If you have staff from your own company carrying out repairs, if you are receiving services from a machinery company under a repair and maintenance contract (MARC), or if you want to hire a specialized service from external suppliers, Sherpath allows you to manage them all simultaneously.

What benefits does it bring to me as a supplier?

Sherpath offers greater visibility of your services, which means potentially greater demand for smaller or newer suppliers. In addition, there is an improvement in the planning, quality, and timing of your services because you can manage your communications, integrate your CMMS and dispatching software, and display your work in one place.

Being a supplier, can I use Sherpath without having a CMMS?

We are currently working with small suppliers that make use of Sherpath without a CMMS, we are adapted so that you as a supplier can have the opportunity to connect with any client. We also look for vendor development and therefore offer you the possibility to manage your assets through the use of a Sherpath CMMS partner called Fracttal, the #1 CMMS Software in Latin America with worldwide presence and available in multiple languages.

Are you part of a mining company?

It begins to make the entire component repair process visible in real time.

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